Jr. High and High School Athletes

I want to be a better athlete.

Our Athletic Sports Performance training includes focus on:

What does becoming a better athlete mean to you? Strength, stamina, agility? On and off season training? You’ve come to the right place. Whether your goal is to get more playing time or an athletic scholarship, we cater to all levels and goals of athletes to improve performance.

  • Speed: linear and lateral speed techniques, foot speed and agility
  • Explosive power development
  • Functional strength training
  • Energy system conditioning
  • Movement training & Flexibility
  • Injury Reduction and reconditioning
  • Nutrition Education

High School & Collegiate Sports Performance:

(Ages 14+)

Our Athletic Sports Performance program includes 60-minute classes of intense workout and training. Once basic techniques have been mastered, the programs progress. Groups are kept small with a maximum 1:8 coach to athlete ratio to allow maximum individual attention to ensure maximal results!

Junior High Sports Performance:

(Ages 10-13)

Our Youth Sports Performance program begins with athletes learning how to train safely and effectively for 60-minute classes. With a ratio of no more than 8 athletes per 1 coach, we will watch closely to make sure athletes maintain proper form while building their athletic foundation in The PIT!

Speed & Agility:

(Ages 10+)

Speed is essential in most sports, but many athletes rely on raw talent to gain that advantage. Now you can learn from certified professionals how to become more efficient, explosive, and powerful in your movements. Our Speed and Agility program is a 30-minute progressive program focusing on linear, lateral, and multi-directional movements, and designed to increase acceleration and improve change of direction. Get signed up today and stay a step ahead of your competition!

Basketball Technique Training:

(Ages 10+)

Learn the "I’m Possible" signature skill sets and gain new knowledge to apply during games and practices! The "I’m Possible" movement is an influential alliance of coaches collectively changing the world of basketball through our unbiased approach to the game. Instead of teaching skills based on personal opinion, systems or team philosophies, we break down any and every skill that players are finding to be effective in order to help any player find success for every coach and every system. Our Basketball Technique Training program is a 60-minute session focusing on ball handling, shooting, footwork, passing and individual moves for High School, Jr. High and 4th-6th graders.

Professional Teams

The PIT partners with many local teams and athletes to provide top quality sports performance and functional training. Team coaches work alongside PIT coaches to improve player flexibility, strength, speed, agility with safe progression based training. Contact Jesse to schedule a free team demo for your youth or professional team. If your team is interested in signing up for The PIT as a group, please contact PIT Manager Jesse Hawkins directly at jesse@thepitbloomington.com.

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