Adult Strength & Conditioning

I want to push myself.

What does getting into better shape mean to you?

  • Advancing your fitness level
  • Fitting into a community
  • Finding a class that fits your schedule

Train in a group setting that emphasizes proper exercise selection for adults, conducted with outstanding coaching. Simply put, our program is designed to help you move better and become healthier than you ever have in your life.

  • Small Group Setting 4-8 people per group
  • Workout with a team that can hold you accountable
  • Intense but safe
  • Progressive based training
  • Modifications to accommodate any fitness level or history of injury

There isn’t a typical PIT member. Our members are different, by age, physical ability and fitness goals but the one thing they have in common is all members come for one purpose: to better themselves.

Contact the PIT for a free demo or sign up at the front desk today at Four Seasons II. If you would like to form your own PIT group of 4-8 people let us know.