Get your mind right!

No matter if you are going for a new PR or just getting that Friday evening pump before heading out with your friends, your mindset can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. I have been a football coach at the youth and high school level for over 13 years, a trainer/coach for 7 years and a competitive power lifter for 2 years. The one constant in all of these areas is your mindset.

As a football coach, I was constantly noticing the athletes being fired up all week and come pre-game I would watch some of them psyche themselves out because the competition “appeared” to be bigger, faster or more talented. The game was over at that very moment for some of them. As a trainer/coach and working with adults hear some clients say, “I’ll give it a try” or “Not sure if I can get this”. As a power lifter I too have a coach. My coach happens to be 20 years younger than me but has taught me a ton about mindset. I have actually had a few coaches/teammates that have taught me a lot about having a positive mindset. One quote that I remember seeing written on the wall of the gym I used to train in read, “There is no Try…either you Do or you Don’t!” At first I thought maybe that was a little harsh but as I continue to train and compete those words mean more and more to me.

Speaking as a competitor I can tell you that my only goal is to be the best that I can be. Speaking as a coach I can tell you that my goal is to prepare my athletes to not only get stronger and faster but be mentally tough. That means making sure they realize that they belong on that field with any and every other player/team they face and facing adversity is the BEST way to be better in life. As a coach in The PIT that trains numerous adults of all ages, gender, skill level, and background my main focus (aside from form and safety obviously) is to make sure that they have the focus and intensity that they need to succeed in their program.

There’s a number of ways that people focus: chanting, breathing, prayer, music, etc. No matter what it is for you, make sure you key into it and attack the task at hand. Never leave any doubt in your mind that you did what you came to do. You will fail, you will hurt, you will start to doubt, my advice to you is the same that was given to me…

  1. Learn from your mistakes and eliminate them.
  2. Never skip a set or a rep….ever!
  3. Never let someone’s opinion be yours.
  4. And the best advice I can give you is… GET YOUR MIND RIGHT AND DO WHAT YOU SET OUT TO DO!

by Coach Chad Letterle

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