Take control of your health

Your silverware drawer is your key to getting results, your junk drawer isn’t!

Let’s have a mental exercise to start…

You’re in your kitchen, in one hand you’re holding a fork. It’s a nice fork, one of those fancy 3-pronged forks that looks like the type of fork Cruella Deville would use… I digress. In your other hand you have scotch tape. General use. You need to put these things away because Price is Right is about to come on. You head over to the silverware drawer, you place your fancy fork right on top of the other fancy forks in its specified compartment in the organizer. You head over to the junk drawer and promptly jam the tape, furiously shifting angles because otherwise the drawer won’t shut…or even worse, it’ll jam up when you try to open it…the fury that overcomes a human during that travesty is unparalleled.

What’s the point of this seeming mundane sequence of events?

You take the time to prepare and to purposefully set yourself up for success with your silverware drawer. While you are hoping that the disorganized junk drawer will somehow not cause you any more anguish even though you’re not about to take the time to clean it out and reset.

Silverware Drawer:

Obtaining an organizer for your drawer =  Having a plan, both fitness and nutrition

Compartments for different utensils = Having a nutritionally sound approach to meals, having a complete fitness program

Not overfilling any individual compartment = Not overeating in any one nutrient category, Doing the appropriate amount of strength and conditioning dependent on your goals

Taking the time to put each utensil where it goes = Spending time to prep and create healthy meals, Putting in the work at the gym

Junk Drawer:

Hoping things will get better = Hoping things will get better

Moral of the story:

  • Take control of your health like your silverware drawer.
  • Take the time to set up for success. Preparation will defeat opportunistic failures.
  • Set goals and organize accordingly to achieve them. What do you want? Look better? Feel better? Run faster? Jump higher? I don’t care, it’s your life, but make sure you know what you want.
  • Put in the time to keep on track. Being healthy takes effort. And it doesn’t stop. If you have high goals, you better expect higher effort. Being fit takes less effort than looking like a marble statue on the beach. But the journey starts on the same path!

As always, come see us in The PIT  if you want help in achieving your goals. No matter if they are athletic performance goals, aesthetic goals, strength goals, or general fitness. It doesn’t matter what shape you’re in now, or how far you think you have to go. Every race is ran one step at a time, no matter the distance. – PIT Manager & PIT Coach, Jesse Hawkins


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