Unlimited PIT Strength & Conditioning Training for $5 a day!

Get unlimited training for $5 a day with Four Seasons Health Club’s NEW Total Training Membership! Choose Unlimited Small Group Training package or Unlimited PIT Strength & Conditioning package. With both package you’ll get access to both Four Seasons locations with a gym membership for you and your family included, no enrollment fee, and free childcare! These unlimited training packages will help you stay accountable and motivated in a fun team atmosphere.

Considering Unlimited PIT Strength & Conditioning Total Training Membership as an option? Then you already know that choosing to be healthy and active needs to be a priority in your life, which means you that much closer to reaching your goals.

So why should you sign up today for Unlimited PIT Strength & Conditioning Total Training Membership? Here’s a few words for you: Fun community, Team Environment, Athlete Training, and Expert Coaching. If you chose the Unlimited PIT Strength & Conditioning Package you’ll become part of the Thrive Fitness Program, which uses the same elements that professional athletes do. Our expert coaches focus on technique and fundamental training in a team environment. You will experience anything from pushing a sled, sprinting or kettle bell swings to make sure you are as athletic as possible. Our goal is to help you move like you were designed to move. All so you can train safely and effectively. We have several classes that will fit your schedule.

Need one more reason to sign up for Unlimited PIT Strength & Conditioning Training Membership? VALUE. Gyms charge as much as $60-100 dollars for one session. Our individualized training program with the Total Training Membership is only $5 a day! How often do you spend $5 a day on things you don’t need or make a difference in your life? Like your daily Starbucks coffee, lunch out, a snack at the gas station, or drinks out with friends. None of these will help you achieve your goals. Signing up for our Total Training Membership will. Visit either location today and get signed up!

Fun fact: Save approximately $2,500/year in medical expenses if you exercise regularly https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/07/well/move/whats-the-value-of-exercise-2500.htm

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