Not All Athletes Train the Same

Not All Athletes Train The Same

by Coach Chad Letterle

In my career as a trainer/coach I have trained athletes of all ages, all levels and most sports. In spite of the obvious differences one thing remains the same…motivation. In my experience, I have found that taking the time to find out what motivates your athlete will help you better serve their needs.

My best example is an 8 year old male athlete that played baseball, football and basketball. He was a great kid, full of energy but got bored easily. I found a few drills that he liked and randomly through them in during our session to keep him on track.

On the other end of the spectrum was my 23 year old pro rugby player that was training for a huge try-out. He wanted his program to push him to the breaking point so he could “push through”to become the best he could be.

Not all athletes train the same or work the same. Take the time to find out what motivates them and you will be a more successful coach.

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