Yoga: Fluff or Substance?

Yoga: Fluff or Substance?

by Coach Jessica Schauls

Yoga. Your first thought is probably a nice and easy stretching routine with lots of incense, feel good feelings, and designer workout apparel with “let it be” plastered all over the front of it. And yoga can be that if you want.

Yoga can also be anything else you want it to be.

Yoga can be your go-to on an active recovery day. Yoga can help improve imbalances and mobility for better lifting form and functional movement (you don’t have to put your leg over your head). Yoga can be a challenging, sweat and pain-inducing workout if you want it be. And yoga can be fluff. Super relaxing, de-stressing, good-for-you fluff.

Personally, I’ve used yoga for all the above and more. At different stages of my life yoga has been a multi-purpose tool. I’ve practiced yoga for anything from a low-impact exercise to help recover from injuries to a high-intensity workout that combines cardio, strength, stretching and mobility work. The benefits of yoga, or “fluff” that yoga has become known for, are just icing on the cake.


All you have to decide is what you want your yoga to be.

Click here for a 15-minute yoga routine to get you started. Enjoy!


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