Molly Metroff’s Testimonial

My name is Molly Metroff and I’ve been a PIT member for over two years now. What motivated me to start working out in The PIT was my conversations with Coach Jesse Hawkins in trying to find goals for myself to regain strength and mobility in my right side and battle lupus. I have suffered three strokes with my Lupus which has made me weaker on my right side. Through starting The PIT I have regained strength on my right side which improved my walking and mobility.

The atmosphere and community in The Pit is great, too! It’s a very tight and inviting place for the community to go. The PIT coaches make you feel very comfortable, and the friendships you grow between other members in The PIT have really meant a lot to me.

The PIT has impacted my daily life by giving me more strength but its also helped me relieve stress and become happier with myself. My favorite exercise in The PIT are pull-ups and my least favorite is bear crawls. The PIT keeps me coming back because of the personal challenges I am able to overcome while working out in The PIT, and the relationships I’ve formed in The PIT. to people wanting to try The PIT, I encourage you to do so! It seems intimidating at first but the more you come the more you’ll start to overcome challenges you have. Coach Jesse is super motivating, too, and I wouldn’t have overcome my challenges without him or the community in The PIT. – Molly Metroff, PIT member since 2014, Lupus & Stroke Survivor

View Molly’s testimonial video here

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