Know Your Why

Know the Why 

by Coach Aaron Patterson

How many times have you been asked, “What’s your ‘Why?’” It’s a question tossed around in gyms and by motivational speakers, and it is a great one. Why are you at the gym? What motivates you to keep going even when you don’t feel the greatest or feel like giving up? When it comes to training, there is another question that likely isn’t asked often enough. You are in the gym, you are motivated, you know your ‘Why,’ but now ask yourself a different question. What is THE why?

Your time is valuable, and if your schedule is like most, you want to make the most of that time. When you are performing an exercise or drill, are you doing it because you saw someone else doing it? Does it look cool, and you want to be seen doing it? Ask yourself, “What is the why?” What is the purpose as it relates to your fitness training or sports performance?

For the general population, most movements and exercises are going to enhance your overall fitness in some way. But, if you are training for a specific sport, or if you have very specific and well-defined fitness goals, how is each exercise or drill you do going to help you take that next step? Every training session should have purpose, and every movement within that session should play a role in helping you reach your goals.

You know YOUR why, now begin focusing on THE why, and you will not only find a quicker path to your goals, but you will enter every training session with new energy and purpose.

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