Nutrition for Athletes: Why does it matter?

  • Do you eat a pre-game or pre-workout meal 2-3 hours before performance (game, practice or strength training)?
  • Do you fuel yourself through a long, high intensity performance with appropriate carbohydrates (gatorade, etc) and water?
  • Do you faithfully eat a snack, protein shake, or meal within 30 minutes of a workout or game?
  • Do you hydrate properly throughout the day?
  • Do you fuel yourself with high quality foods, not fast/fried/processed food?
  • Do you eat enough to support your high level of training?

If you answered no to any or all of these questions, you need to ask yourself the question:
Do you take yourself seriously as an athlete?

Google what a serious athlete like Lebron James, JJ Watt, or Alex Morgan eats. Seriously. Do it. Pick your favorite athlete and Google “What does ________ (fill in the blank with any famous athlete) eat?” Each search result will come back with that athlete reporting eating high quality foods like fruits, vegetables, and healthy protein in enough quantities to fuel the amount of effort they are exerting in games, practice, and strength training. It will not say they are eating fried foods, sugar, or processed foods on a regular basis. This is because they know these types of food do not support one’s body for high levels of competition, but actually hinders the body’s recovery time and performance.

The point? If you are not eating what an elite athlete is eating, don’t expect to be one.

But I hope if you are training in The PIT, you want to be taken seriously as an athlete. To do so, start taking yourself seriously by fueling your body right. Respect yourself and your body for the sweat, guts, and effort you give in The PIT for 90 minutes every day.

If you are training in The PIT, you are not a normal, average individual – and you shouldn’t want to be. You want to be exceptional. And to be exceptional at your sport, you need to be exceptional with your nutrition. You probably won’t be eating the junk your friends are eating and you need to be okay with that. You will be making different, healthy eating choices. Be proud about that because you are taking care of your body that is performing at high levels for you and will only continue to do so if you continue putting the right nutrition in it’s tank.

Eating right is the easiest way to get a step ahead of the competition. Everyone can eat, but not everyone has the talent to make it in a sport. Don’t make bad nutrition the reason why you aren’t at the top of your game.

So, I’ll ask you again: Do you take yourself seriously as an athlete?

By Coach Jessica Schauls

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