Building the Foundation Part III: Type of Squat

Now that we know how and why we squat in The PIT (look back to Building the Foundation Part I and Part II – if you haven’t already read those, do so before moving onto Part III).

In The PIT, we work through a Bodyweight Squat -> Goblet Squat -> Front Squat progression. While it is true that mechanically an individual can lift the absolute most weight squatting with the bar on the back, be it high bar or low bar, by anteriorly loading the weight we find it easier to teach athletes to maintain proper spinal integrity and reach full range of motion.

Examples of the 3 main squat types.

front squat

Front squatting provides an excellent stimulus to the collection of knee and hip extensors as well as the spinal stabilization components of the abdominals and spinal erectors. These muscle groups are some of the most critical groups athletes use in performing explosive and powerful movements. In training the front squat, we are developing not only rapid force production and maximal strength, but also the stability and mechanics to remain healthy throughout the entirety of a grueling season.

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Dylan Ray
PIT Coach

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