Bob Ross Your Goals

Bob Ross your goals……happy little goals.

Bob ross 1I was watching Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting, because I choose to be happy and COPS wasn’t on.
As I’m watching the episode, Bob goes straight sorcerer and turns what I assumed was going to be a grassy meadow with happy bunnies living in there into a pond in approximately 5 seconds and 4 brush strokes.

Now…as he completes his work, you can see all the beauty of the landscape that he just painted as you watched…One. Single. Stroke. At. A. Time.

That got me thinking about strength and conditioning, obvi. Us coaches in the PIT nitpick form and technique all along the way. We preach functional movement and make sure our patterns are on point before progressing to the next exercise.

Bob Ross 2No different than Bob, each brush stroke is one rep of one exercise. They seem insignificant in the moment and feel as though they don’t matter that much for your ultimate goal.

But they do. Every time we correct a movement pattern it is so we can build you into a better or fitter version of yourself. These corrections all combine to build a great foundation from which to build your athleticism. If you focus only on big, extravagant, over-intense exercises, you’re going to miss the best part of training. The intricacy.

The trend now in fitness is the most exciting, most dangerous, most taxing form of every exercise done in succession until you reach total exhaustion. 
That’s like tuning into The Joy of Painting and Bob Ross roundhouse kicking the canvas of the easel, telling you his paints are paleo, ripping his shirt off, and then throwing buckets of paint on at a time and hoping it turns out.

A training program is a Bob Ross 3technical and intelligent thing. It is not a “workout” to do that day and hope tomorrow is easier. If you treat your training like a painting with Bob Ross, your attention to detail will transform your body and performance. Care about form and technique and results will come in spades.

Pay attention to the little things. Work hard to fix issues and push yourself. It’s simple…like happy little trees or maybe a cabin in your world. Either way don’t over mix your paint!

Lastly, if you need a sweet Bob Ross remix to workout to or do some office work, I got you fam…

Jesse Hawkins, M.S., CSCS – PIT Manager/Coach

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