PIT New Online Store Live Until November 4

The PIT apparel store with our Adidas items is live until November 4th. So, only a week! Here’s what I know about how some of these items fit (below) as we’ve ordered a portion of them before. Also, if you want to know about reviews just google the name of the item (i.e. “Adidas Tech Fleece Hood”) and read how it fits and such. There’s also a sizing button on the bottom of the order screen for help.

Adidas Short Sleeve T-Shirt: Regular athletic cotton tee, fits standard to athletic

Adidas Short Sleeve CLIMALITE T-Shirt (men’s): This shirt runs big, you’re absolutely safe to order a size smaller than you would with the regular t-shirt or your normal size t-shirts. This is the same shirt a lot of our male coaches wear, ask them what size they wear and they’ll help you out!

Adidas Women’s Short Sleeve CLIMALITE T-shirt: This shirt runs normal fitting. Our female coaches have this shirt so you can ask them, but they said it fits normal, athletic fit and size is what you think it would be.

Adidas Tech Fleece Hood: We have not ordered this in the past, so I checked it out on adidas.com and can’t really tell you much. Hooded sweatshirts are usually pretty standard, so take a chance, these are a great deal compared to online prices too! And it says PIT of course, so you’ll be a boss in it for sure!

Adidas Shockwave Climawarm 1/4 Zip (men’s): See Tech Fleece Hood description. Same applies, I have to believe it’s pretty normal fitting

Adidas Women’s Twist 1/4 Zip: Again, haven’t ordered this yet. Did have one member have the same 1/4 Zip version in a collegiate school, she said fits nice, not too tight and the arms are plenty long. So there you go…I think they look sweet…

Adidas Shockwave Polo (men’s): Haven’t ordered this one but I have a couple Adidas polos and they run pretty regular I think. Remember adidas has sizing charts at their website, use them so you get the right size. I’ll be wearing this one shooting 72’s on the golf course next spring……….I mean, I’m only going to play the first 13 holes, but I’ll look good for those 13 I’ll tell you what!

Adidas Defender Medium Duffel Bag: It’s a bag. What else could you possibly want from me, my degree is in exercise science not fashion and sizing…

Ok, there you go, remember ask the coaches about the fit of their shirts that they have and they’ll tell you how they fit on them. The CLIMATLITE men’s shirt is going to be bigger than you think, if you take nothing else from this, take that! And that the store closes in a week.

Click below and place your order! Thanks! – Coach Hawkins


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