What is the PIT?

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All gyms are not the same and they don’t operate in the same manner. This is true even if they are training the same type of people in the same situations. So I wanted to explain exactly what the PIT is and who we are.

Today’s Topic: So what is the PIT??

We are: A strength and conditioning gym that trains adult performance clients to become the fittest they can in a manner that’s responsible, calculated, researched, and for lack of a better term, normal.

Our adult programming is great. It allows us to train adult performance clients both intensely and intelligently. The PIT has a community atmosphere with members that really care about getting better. We use progressive training ideas and implements without risking unnecessary injury.

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After all, we’re adults, not Olympic athletes. Does that mean that it isn’t intense? No. Does that mean that it’s easy? Absolutely not. But it is calculated. We calculate the risk to reward ratio of exercise. If I can get you in the best shape you can be without having you learn ultra-technical Olympic lifts, and without working in a dangerous fatigued state, then I’m doin’ it!!

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Our coaches are certified and professional. In addition, we’re people just like you. We are going to use balanced approaches to get results in both fitness and nutrition. The PIT culture is to encourage people to make great changes in their lives, which includes fitness as a part of your life, not all of it. We want you to be the best you can be and maintain that, not continuously push every envelope at risk of injury and having to start over.

Real coaches, with education and certifications, who get real results. Not just people who liked to workout so they magically became a trainer. We’re educated and trained in the science of strength and conditioning.

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Sometimes I get asked if we are a crossfit affiliate. I imagine I get this comparison often because of the popularity of Crossfit and how the PIT appears visually along with the format of small groups in a class setting. Crossfit has done a great job of marketing itself and for people to assume we’re another Crossfit box that popped up (because they’re everywhere) isn’t ridiculous at all. However, that’s not us. We’re different.

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But why are we different?

I’m not going to bash Crossfit and try to make people think Crossfit is the worst thing that’s ever happened. Because it isn’t. Crossfit has turned a lot of people onto fitness that might not have otherwise and that’s great. I feel the same way about Zumba, Curves, Bootcamps, and any other type of fitness program that got people doing something. As I said earlier, not all gyms are created equal. Some Crossfit boxes do a great job and really can program responsibly and intelligently. However, Crossfit Headquarters’ lack of interest in regulating boxes (a Crossfit gym is called a “box”) make it pretty easy to run a less than stellar fitness facility.

I mentioned earlier that the risk/reward ratio is important to me. Some Crossfit boxes, as well as other gyms, sometimes cross the line of the inherent risk of exercising and taking unnecessary risks with people’s health. I feel the same way about any exercise program that walks that line, including extreme endurance running, repetitive impact bootcamps or any other fitness modality that is over used. Lately, America has a fitness fad that is very much in love with exercise being INTENSE all the time and Crossfit offers that option most readily.  The PIT isn’t that. We use programming principles to ramp up intensity when it should be and tone down when you need to. We want you to be healthy; we don’t want to enter in on a cycle of fit-injured-rehab-fit-injured-rehab.

Do you have questions about the PIT? Let’s talk about it. Want to try it out? Shoot me an email at Jesse@4seasons-club.com and lets talk. 

More isn’t better, better is better.

We want to build you to be a better, sustainable version of yourself that you can maintain forever, not just for now.

Train Smart.
Jesse Hawkins, M.S., C.S.C.S.  – PIT Manager/Coach
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